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More Than Just A Workout...
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Work with our Certified Personal Trainers 3-5x/week on your custom designed training program, fit to your goals & needs!
You'll also receive a detailed (not confusing) nutrition plan to make meal prep and staying on track easy! Oh yeah, AND it comes with a grocery list too!
Not only do you have the support and encouragement from the other women in this program, but you also have 24/7 contact directly with your Trainer for any questions that come up along the way! (ex. I'm going out to eat, what can I order? or What should I do on my off-days?)
This is what you've been wanting, right?? So why keep wasting your time and money, killing yourself with workouts that aren't built for you, and trying every diet under the sun? TODAY IS A TURNING POINT IN YOUR LIFE! If you're ready to...

LOOK FIT, FEEL HEALTHY, & BE CONFIDENT...Then today is it for you! APPLY FOR THIS PROGRAM, you have nothing left to lose, and a whole new life to gain!

Our program is specifically designed to get you LONG-TERM RESULTS! This is not a "drop 50lbs. in 30 days" type of "bootcamp" where everyone does the same exercises and all get the same meal, no, no...because everyone's body is different, everyone has their own goals, and each client needs their own program! We spend time with each client to learn about what they need to change their life [permanently] for the better.

We're not going to sell you a bunch of supplements and make you workout until you puke 6 days a ma'am...we're very realistic here at MFit Studios and understand that THIS IS REAL happens, things come up, we mess up every now and then, but we always stay on track! We're all about constant progression and results that stick! What's the difference between a "short-term-flip-your-life-upside-down-and-gain-all-the-weight-back" program and ours? We teach you about what your body needs to continue to see results! We don't expect you to train one has time or money for that...but when you leave our training program, you have a whole new MINDSET about food, about workouts, and about your body image! What's our motto??? MINDSET IS EVERYTHING!

You really can turn your life around and get the results you've been searching for. Space is limited, so if you're ready to start, click here and fill out the form to be considered for our program. If you want to hear it from someone else first, keep reading for a few words from some pretty amazing women who are a part of the MFit Community...
Here's What Women All Over The KC Metro Are Saying...
Best Decision Ever Made!
Joining this personal training studio has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! Not only is everyone so helpful and knowledgeable, but they are also as serious about my personal goals as I am! 
- Serea C.
Got My Money's Worth!
After being off my fitness game for a year, I needed help getting back on track. These women don’t mess around, they made sure I got my money's worth! I started seeing drastic changes within weeks! I highly recommend the MFit training program for a full body workout with insane results!
- Dawn G.
Actually Got My Bikini Bod!
I learned SO much and saw results I was never able to achieve on my own! I view workouts completely different now and wouldn't feel as confident in the gym if I didn't complete this program. I actually got the bikini body I was hoping for in time for my honeymoon! I highly recommend MFit for all things health and fitness!!
- MacKenzie M.
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MFit Studios is a female owned and operated company, based out of Lee's Summit, that provides fitness and nutrition programs for women here in the KC Metro, in-person, as well as online programs for women all across the country! 

We've worked with hundreds of women who have seen amazing results! We always have room for more online clients, so anyone is welcome there! However, space is limited in our Lee's Summit training studio, so we're only accepting a few women to be considered for this program. We're looking to help women who just don't know where to start, have tried everything and nothing worked, or simply think they can't succeed for the long-term. We are known for helping women learn what their bodies need to continue to see results long-term, yes, even after their done training!

Click below to fill out the form! We'd love to chat with you and find out if this is a good fit! :)
We're so excited to work with you and welcome you into our circle of amazing, empowering, like-minded women! 💪🏼❤️

Maria Bates
MFit Studios
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Phone: (816)239-2287
Address: 1481 SW Market Street, 
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