Work 1-on-1 with your Trainer to help guide you and push you through your personalized program. Each workout will be constructed specifically to your needs and goals, along with your nutrition plan. This is a monthly training membership that allows you to work with your Personal Trainer each week, and includes pictures/measurements and program progressions each month. Contact us to schedule your free consultation! (See details below)


  • Please note that the price listed is for the 1-2x/week option. Please select your preferred frequency of training under the drop down selections.


    This is a monthly training membership with TWO options:


    1) Train 1-2x/week for $280/mo. ($35/session)


    2) Train 3-4x/week for $420/mo. ($26.25/session)


    *All memberships can be paid in one monthly payment, or split into biweekly payments.